Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost 3 weeks old!!

We've made it passed the two week mark, and he's finally been cleared of all the jaundice craziness. I wonder if they will even figure out a way to predict, or even prevent that horrible illness in newborns. Anywho, we are at 10 solid pounds now, and he fills every ounce of it :) Eats every 2-3 hours, on the dot... and loves to cuddle now. He will actually scream til he gets held. Oh, and don't bring up diaper changes... i've never met a kid who doesn't like to be naked. Joel does now like to have his clothes off, nor have his diaper changed. LOL He is starting to recognize daddys voice when he's in the room, will actually turn his head in Jerrys direction to look for him. Makes this cute one eyebrow raise to me when i talk to him, and maybe almost cracks a lil smile. (it may be another week or two before we get a full smile.) Loves to stare at brothers when they coo and aww over him. Hard not to keep those two right out of Joels face, but they love to shower him with kisses.

Getting ready for our first Christmas here in Oklahoma. Gonna be a lonely one, but the sacrifices we must make to get ahead unfortunately don't take a backseat at the holidays. Spring time will be here soon enough, and it will become easier to travel and visit everyone again. LoVe to All our family and friends back home. May you have a splendid Holiday, and fabulous New Year!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Joel Ramon

November 24, 2009 Our 3rd son arrived in our lives. Joel Ramon was born at 11:50am 9lbs, 13oz, 20 inches long. After 6 short hours of labor, Jerry and I were happy to tears that we did it yet again... The joys of another child are indescribable. Although he was born a healthy size, they wanted to monitor his blood sugar levels and his jaundice level. At which we conquered the blood sugar in less than 12 hrs, his jaundice levels did go on the rise. After spending Thanksgiving in the hospital without Jerry, Jacob, and JT, we were finally able to come home friday afternoon when his jaundice level came down to a safer number. Being in the hospital with your sick child, and theres nothing you can do to fix it, makes battling post-pardum depression an even harder battle. BUT, we made it thru, we are all healthy, happy, and settling into a schedule that all 5 of us can adapt to. Jacob and JT just can't get enough of their new lil brother, and Joel is starting to recongnize their voices and turn his head in their directions. He looks at everything with such interest, and at 5 days old he amazes me everyday :) So trying to keep up with everyone back home in California, we are hoping to enjoy a break to California come next spring. Settling into our new ranch (pics coming soon) makes it hard to get away for the holidays, but definitely looking forward to a road trip next year. Hope everyone is happy, safe, and healthy. we miss our family and friends dearly, can't wait to introduce everyone to our newest ray of sunshine.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're still alive!!!

WOW!! Oklahoma... kinda different... and yet still so many more surprises in store for us to experience. We have ventured around a bit, but not quite as far as oklahoma city, yet that is... it is in the near future. But we are doing well. This pregnancy is kickin my ass this time around, maybe my body is reminding me i'm not as young as I once was. Just hoping it doesn't drag on forever. LOL!! I don't have any pics up yet (sorry Ash) But i have taken A LOT!! We've had two brandings already, each exceeding the amount of 200head, and I have a bunch or before, during, and after on the finishing of our house. I have tons of pics of the beautiful ranch, and a few goofy ones of the boys of course. (can't leave those out) So very soon, I'll get back into the routine of updating all my stuff weekly, with pics and fun facts that happen. Fighting with AT&T is never fun especially when they're holding out on our internet.... grrrr!! I miss everyone terribly, and hope everyone doing well.
** Jessica

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're Moving!!

Although most are not happy with this, and i must admit its not the highlight in my life right now, but Jerry has been offered 5 different jobs in Oklahoma. While stressing about being able to see him while working in Seattle, we were then given another scenario. Its hard think about life in another town, let alone another state. Most friendship the i endure here are going on 15 years. How do you make new friends? Its almost like i've forgotten. And then to still stay positive about everything so not to worry the boys, I break down every night after they go to bed. There is no doubt that i wouldn't follow my husband and his goal to better our lives, i just have soooo many doubts and fears. And even though I love and adore my in-laws; Laura, Gustavo,Erin, Anival, Suzie, Alex, Leslie, Nacho, Ramona, and Jerry... I could really care less about leaving them all behind. Who i will miss is all of the nieces and newphews. I have created a bond with each and every one of them, and it rips my hert out that I won'y be able to see them whenever I feel so. And with Easter right around the corner, i feel so bad about y kids not celebrting such a child based holiday with all of their cousins.
This is suppose to be a newbeginning to our lies. and not to mention, a way to financially better our lives. But why does it have to be so damn hard.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was enjoying lunch yesterday with Sondra, when my phone rings and to my surprise it was Jerry. I get calls from him often during the day, but for some reason, this ring kinda shocked me. On the other end, I hear my loving husband telling me he has good news, but kinda bad news... From the tone of his voice, I knew what it was. "When are they sending you?" was my reply.
Jerry works for the family company Norogachi Construction. It's a good company, and its growing like crazy. Although the economy sucks here in California, you'd be surprised at the growth and work there is in Seattle Washington. The company has based on office up there, and they currently have 5 jobs going. All at different stages, its looking as thou Jerry will be a Washington resident for about 6 months.
We're not new to this. 2007 he was working out of town every week. He would leave Sunday afternoon, work thru til Thursday, and come home on the weekends. It was hard, and we had some difficult times, but there was always the weekends to look forward to. This time, not so much. Being 15 hours away, and 2 states inbetween, it won't be as easy to come home on the weekends. We have our videophone, and I'll be sending him with another one, so maybe that'll be the change that we need this time. The boys will probably take it harder than me. I can read emails, and hear his voice on the other end of the line.... But Jacob and JT have an unique bond with their daddy. We'll be planning road trips and talking a lot on the phone... but it'll be hard. We're strong, and very much in love. But this is going to be a long 6 months.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Relay For Life 2009

I'm so excited for May. We have so much going on in the months before then, but May just sticks out in my head even more. I have taken on the responsibility of putting together a team for the Amercian Cancer Societys Relay For Life 2009. This is an awesome fundraiser for cancer research. Plus its a way to get out with a griup of people and get a lil exercise. So far, we have 12 people on my team, with 4 survivors joining us. I'm really looking forward to the efforts we bring and support we make. I remember walking in high school for the relay, and the energy of everyone around you is so contagious. Can't wait for it all again. I'm hoping on doing this every year... there has to be a cure for this horrible disease... and we have to fundraise and research til there is!!
Our team name this year is Ropin'&Hopin' its a catchy name, and it fits the western theme of our camp site. It should be a blast, and i'll have tons of pictures to come.
This year, I'm walking in honor of my grandfather who passed away in '01 for esphogial cancer, my mom, who is a survivor of skin, cervical and breast cancer, my father in-law who is a survivor of prostate cancer, for Stacey Hartmann, who just lost her almost 10 year battle with ovarian cancer, and Jane Anderson, who lost her battle 3 years ago to breast cancer. I know its a lot, but this ugly thing has taken too many people from our lives too soon.
I'm designing cool shirts for a team to wear, and making ribbons for our survivors walking with us. Even though this won't take place til May, I seem to be very busy with it everyday... not to mention the people joining our team everyday.
So let me know if you'd beinterested in joining our team for the walk, or if you'd like to donate to this great foundation :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

we're all sick....

What is going around?? I can't believe that it is friday, and I've literally been in bed ALL week!! and now, my poor babies have it. Both, who are not very good sports, have the old smokers cough and headaches. they've been in bed with me for the last two days. On wednesday, Jerry had to come home from work because I was passin out while laying down, whats that about? my ears were ringing so bad that I couldn't even stand up without falling over... it was a scary situation...

So here we are, Friday, Valentines day weekend... and nothing planned for the romantic holiday. Although Jerry hates secrets, nor does he hide them well... we exchanged valentines last night. He's so sweet. I got a western pearl necklace, with a silver heart pendant with rhinestones, and matching earrings. So beautiful. I was so impressed.

So now I just need to feel better long enough to maybe take my man to a nice dinner... and wear my new jewels. but for now, dinner and a movie 'in'. No going out..... I just hope we don't manage to pass this to him... hopefully he's the lucky one.

ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE: Last weekend, Jerry was in the Cattlewomans Ranch Rodeo Fundraisier, in Rancho Murieta. He, his brother and the Rodmans competted together in a branding event. They took 2nd place... which in all honesty was a joke, and should've been first... but they recieved nice headstalls. They will not be going back next year becuase the greedy women kept all the fees and had no pay out. So after waiting around for 7 hours, taking 2nd with 3:33 in the branding, and no pay out.... it wasn't all that worth it. BUT, Jacob took 1st place in the Jr. Dummy ropiun contest. He roped 6/6 loops... best out of all the kids. Lilly (my niece) took 2nd with 4/6 loops. They were both very excited. Jacob recieved a new buckle, new rope, and a new hat. All in All, it was a pretty good day out at the barn.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movin' on....

As you can tell, number 3 is no longer on his/her way just yet. that is our 3rd loss unfortunately... but maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Not sure if the boys are actually ready for another baby around... that is JT of course. He is a very needy lil boy, wants me all for himself, and I'm okay with that for now.

So lately, just been taken care of the home front. We decided again to go for the bouse buying experience again... we actually sat down and talked with someone, pulled ouor credit, and needless to say, theres a lot of work to be done. But we have been assured that by this time next year, we should be ready to move into our very first home. **fingers crossed**

Work is going well for Jerry. Still workin on the house at the Norogachi Ranch. It's coming along beautifully, especially from what it started as. Kinda makes me want to build our own home instead of buying with all the talent he has.... just a thought thou.

Work for me is starting to actually take off!!! Looking forward to all the new business partners that want to join me in this opportunity... very greatful for the ones who already are. We are gonna make some serious money this year!! YAY!! Because work is doing well, I'm able to travel and attend the international conferences this year. Feb. 26th, we are leaving for San Diego. Jerry and the boys decided to join me, so he can take them to the zoo and otehr site-seeing places down there while I sit in a convention all day.... soooo looking forward to that. BUT what I am looking forward to is seeing old friends while I'm down there, too..... Hi Anna! See you soon!!

Jacobs birthday was a BLAST! We had a Nerf Party.... got al the kids nerf guns, and even the adults participated. We laughed all afternoon. Great friends joined us, and Jacob was very happy all day, so happy in fact, her forgot to eat, and passed out on the way home, then slept all night. LOL!! He was pooped.

JT is as crazy as usual. Keeps me on my toes all day. I love him terribly, he's still my cuddle bug, loves to come up to me at random times and say "Amo mommy" makes my heart melt.

Both of my boys are awesome, which was why is was easy to bounce back from this last loss. Can't be more happier than with what we have.

DON'T FORGET: MArch 22nd, Sunday on NBC... watch the Celebrity Apprentice. My product will be featured on the season premier... and trust me..... it's gonna blow your mind!! So excited to be endorsed by someone as 'big' as Donald Trump. Good times :)

so for now........


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All Of Us!!

With Jacobs 5th birthday right around the corner, we can't believe how fast the boys are growing up. JT is now 2 1/2 and wants to do everything his Bubba does. They play with the same toys and they both have amazing imaginations. From Cars, to Spiderman, to Dark Knight, to Batman, to Sesame Street, to Rodeo, there isn't anything these boys can't think up. The latest things is they will re-create whatever show they just watched on t.v.; for instance if they watched Toy Story, they would react out what part of the movie they liked, and play for hours. It's very amusing to sit and listen to them play, and to hear Jacob coach JT on how to jump or throw or run. It keeps a smile on my face all day long.

Jerry is still working with the family business. He enjoys the flexiblity it gives him, but sometimes doesn't like the physical labor of it all. He takes on so much and doesn't know how to say no to anyone, especially family. I can kinda see the good in that, but there are some days when I wish he would just tell them all to Get Real! LOL!! I really enjoy my in-laws, and I really enjoy our family gatherings, but sometime, they need to leave work in the office! I absolutely envy my mother-in-law. She is such a busy, strong, humble woman. with almost 12 grandkids, she doesn't miss a beat. My father-in-law is also one that has surprised me in the latest years. I must admitt that when we all lived under the same roof, we didn't like eachother so much. With respect, it was a very stressful situation. But now as he sees what I can do for my family and my kids, he's opened up to me so much, and we've become close, so close, I call him Dad.

I enjoy the brothers and sisters that Jerrys family has blessed me with. If anyone knows my past, I was, and still are not, very close with my sister. Maybe there will come a day when she's grown up and mature we can hold a conversation, but with the damages my father has made, I don't see that happening any time soon. I haven't seen or heard from my father in over a year now. JT doesn't even know who he is. I have no regrets, and I will not allow my kids to be set up for a heartbreak that I endured from him... Having kids, I understand unconditional love, and that is something you can't just throw away. There are just something you can't take back, nor can you fix. But, replacement is an option!! LOL!!

My mom~ what can I say about her. She has had some rough times. Almost fell off the cart a few times. She thinks that she is a burden, but had she fallen off the cart, I'm not sure what or where I would be right now. There comes a time when you see your mom as your best friend or your worst enemy. Sadly, my mom and I have survived both those times. But for the most part, she is my best friend. I'm proud of the fact that she did see light at the end of the tunnel, that she has made a life for herself, and she is very strong. Sometimes is takes the worst thing to happen to you inorder to make you realize how strong you are. She's Crazy, but I love her!!

Jerry and I are going on 8 years together with 5 years of marriage.... I couldn't be more happier and proud of my husband. We have our spats, but they truely make us stronger. He is, in a sense, my hero. He became my best friend, my lover, my husband, and my savior. He wakes me up to reality when I've drifted off to La-la Land. LOL!! I truely see us old and gray enjoying the fun of our grandchildren together. If you have a good imagination, you're luaghing, too, at the image in your head. LOL!

As for me, I'm still working our home based business. It shows a lot of bonuses and opportunites that Jerry and I envision for our future. I can only offer the same opportunities for everyone else. We all know how to dream, but do we know how to make those dreams come true? I DO, and I'm making them possible everyday. My true goal is to bring Jerry home. I don't want him to work til 65 yrs old. I want him to enjoy our boys growing up. I want him to be at all their sporting events, all their school functions, and at every birthday. I also see this business giving our kids what they want in life as they get older. They have even bigger imaginations than we do, and I want to fill those dreams!

So there you have it. My views on what our family is today... and it's only getting bigger by the minute:)
(your welcome, Ashley, now there's something on my page LOL!)

For now,