Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're Moving!!

Although most are not happy with this, and i must admit its not the highlight in my life right now, but Jerry has been offered 5 different jobs in Oklahoma. While stressing about being able to see him while working in Seattle, we were then given another scenario. Its hard think about life in another town, let alone another state. Most friendship the i endure here are going on 15 years. How do you make new friends? Its almost like i've forgotten. And then to still stay positive about everything so not to worry the boys, I break down every night after they go to bed. There is no doubt that i wouldn't follow my husband and his goal to better our lives, i just have soooo many doubts and fears. And even though I love and adore my in-laws; Laura, Gustavo,Erin, Anival, Suzie, Alex, Leslie, Nacho, Ramona, and Jerry... I could really care less about leaving them all behind. Who i will miss is all of the nieces and newphews. I have created a bond with each and every one of them, and it rips my hert out that I won'y be able to see them whenever I feel so. And with Easter right around the corner, i feel so bad about y kids not celebrting such a child based holiday with all of their cousins.
This is suppose to be a newbeginning to our lies. and not to mention, a way to financially better our lives. But why does it have to be so damn hard.