Thursday, July 19, 2012

April 2012

So I said Im not going to back track and write about everything that has happened in the last 2 years, but we made a trip to California this past spring for Easter and my best friends wedding.  I wanted to share some pictures about that trip and the good times we had with all of our friends.  These are the times I wished we moved back.  But only time will tell, and until then we have these wonderful memories to remember.

I guess an update is in order!

It has been too long since I have even looked at this site!! We have gone thru some major changes. Lets break it down so you can follow a little easier.  Its now July of 2012, still in Oklahoma, and doing good.  Boys are about to start their second year at Vanoss, which they love! Jacob will begin 3rd grade, and JT is going into 1st grade.  Joel is going to stay home with me this year while we work on  projects at home like painting and deorating.  He is mommys big helper. 
As the boys continue to eat me out of the groceries in the kitchen and out run me in the clothes that remain clean and in tact, Jerry and I are also doing well.  He is working hard as always, and tends to be traveling a lot more with his job.  Commercial painting is in more high demand than you would expect, and he seems to like what he does.  He wants to eventually move back to California and work with the family, but until that becomes more of a reality, we will remain here in out little paradise of Oklahoma. 
I went back to work last year in October, looking to do something more with my time, and Joel enjoyed daycare and the activities it provided.  I joined the customer care world in the T-Mobile call center, and really enjoyed my job.  I met so many people from some many different walks of life, surprisingly quite a few from my hometown in Elk Grove, and loved helping solve different issues.  I truely thought it was a calling of some kind that I was suppose to do this, and had huge opportunities to promote and continue to grow in my career.  Unfortunately with Jerry traveling so much, boys being out of school, and not being able to trust people as much as you would like with your children, I had to let that position go and come home with my babies.  It was hard at first, but for the best.  We fill our time on these summer days with fun activites at the pool and playing outside.  I almost forgot how much I loved being a stay at home mom. 
Now a quick update on the boys, and I will post more pics: Joel Ramon is now 2, soon to be 3 in November, and every bit of personality.  This kid will love on you and talk your ear off, but will not take any crap from his older brothers.  He is right in sync with them on every move, and is growing faster than I'd like to admitt.
JT is now 5, actually turning 6 next month.  Short tempered, but the funniest kid you'll meet.  He always has a joke to tell or a funny way of making you laugh.  Full of so much energy, I swear he literally doesnt stop moving til he's completely pasted out at night.  Incredibly smart, can read at a 2nd grade level and loves doing math, (just like his mama!). 

And last but not least, my oldest Jacob Jerome, 8 yrs old, soon to be 21.  This boy is so mature for his age most of the time, people who first meet him and have conversations with him tell me he is a joy to talk with and is very smart about what he knows. Example: at a rodeo a few weekends back, talked the ear of this older lady who had never been to a live rodeo.  he told her about every event, details on the reason of competition, rules of the ride, how to win it, and what he thinks about the rider and such.  She claims it made her first experience far more enjoyable.  I was so happy to hear.  This kid never false when it comes to impressing me.  He improved his reading scores over a one week reading camping by more than doubling his reading level.  He is extremely determined, brave, and the man of the house when daddy is gone.

There have been so many adventures, stories, and events in the last 2 years that I could post on, but why waste it on the past.  Im gonna continue to update the blog to keep you all up to speed from here on out.  AND of course post cute pics any chance I get when theres a great story behind it.
Til later on.......

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost 3 weeks old!!

We've made it passed the two week mark, and he's finally been cleared of all the jaundice craziness. I wonder if they will even figure out a way to predict, or even prevent that horrible illness in newborns. Anywho, we are at 10 solid pounds now, and he fills every ounce of it :) Eats every 2-3 hours, on the dot... and loves to cuddle now. He will actually scream til he gets held. Oh, and don't bring up diaper changes... i've never met a kid who doesn't like to be naked. Joel does now like to have his clothes off, nor have his diaper changed. LOL He is starting to recognize daddys voice when he's in the room, will actually turn his head in Jerrys direction to look for him. Makes this cute one eyebrow raise to me when i talk to him, and maybe almost cracks a lil smile. (it may be another week or two before we get a full smile.) Loves to stare at brothers when they coo and aww over him. Hard not to keep those two right out of Joels face, but they love to shower him with kisses.

Getting ready for our first Christmas here in Oklahoma. Gonna be a lonely one, but the sacrifices we must make to get ahead unfortunately don't take a backseat at the holidays. Spring time will be here soon enough, and it will become easier to travel and visit everyone again. LoVe to All our family and friends back home. May you have a splendid Holiday, and fabulous New Year!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Joel Ramon

November 24, 2009 Our 3rd son arrived in our lives. Joel Ramon was born at 11:50am 9lbs, 13oz, 20 inches long. After 6 short hours of labor, Jerry and I were happy to tears that we did it yet again... The joys of another child are indescribable. Although he was born a healthy size, they wanted to monitor his blood sugar levels and his jaundice level. At which we conquered the blood sugar in less than 12 hrs, his jaundice levels did go on the rise. After spending Thanksgiving in the hospital without Jerry, Jacob, and JT, we were finally able to come home friday afternoon when his jaundice level came down to a safer number. Being in the hospital with your sick child, and theres nothing you can do to fix it, makes battling post-pardum depression an even harder battle. BUT, we made it thru, we are all healthy, happy, and settling into a schedule that all 5 of us can adapt to. Jacob and JT just can't get enough of their new lil brother, and Joel is starting to recongnize their voices and turn his head in their directions. He looks at everything with such interest, and at 5 days old he amazes me everyday :) So trying to keep up with everyone back home in California, we are hoping to enjoy a break to California come next spring. Settling into our new ranch (pics coming soon) makes it hard to get away for the holidays, but definitely looking forward to a road trip next year. Hope everyone is happy, safe, and healthy. we miss our family and friends dearly, can't wait to introduce everyone to our newest ray of sunshine.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're still alive!!!

WOW!! Oklahoma... kinda different... and yet still so many more surprises in store for us to experience. We have ventured around a bit, but not quite as far as oklahoma city, yet that is... it is in the near future. But we are doing well. This pregnancy is kickin my ass this time around, maybe my body is reminding me i'm not as young as I once was. Just hoping it doesn't drag on forever. LOL!! I don't have any pics up yet (sorry Ash) But i have taken A LOT!! We've had two brandings already, each exceeding the amount of 200head, and I have a bunch or before, during, and after on the finishing of our house. I have tons of pics of the beautiful ranch, and a few goofy ones of the boys of course. (can't leave those out) So very soon, I'll get back into the routine of updating all my stuff weekly, with pics and fun facts that happen. Fighting with AT&T is never fun especially when they're holding out on our internet.... grrrr!! I miss everyone terribly, and hope everyone doing well.
** Jessica

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're Moving!!

Although most are not happy with this, and i must admit its not the highlight in my life right now, but Jerry has been offered 5 different jobs in Oklahoma. While stressing about being able to see him while working in Seattle, we were then given another scenario. Its hard think about life in another town, let alone another state. Most friendship the i endure here are going on 15 years. How do you make new friends? Its almost like i've forgotten. And then to still stay positive about everything so not to worry the boys, I break down every night after they go to bed. There is no doubt that i wouldn't follow my husband and his goal to better our lives, i just have soooo many doubts and fears. And even though I love and adore my in-laws; Laura, Gustavo,Erin, Anival, Suzie, Alex, Leslie, Nacho, Ramona, and Jerry... I could really care less about leaving them all behind. Who i will miss is all of the nieces and newphews. I have created a bond with each and every one of them, and it rips my hert out that I won'y be able to see them whenever I feel so. And with Easter right around the corner, i feel so bad about y kids not celebrting such a child based holiday with all of their cousins.
This is suppose to be a newbeginning to our lies. and not to mention, a way to financially better our lives. But why does it have to be so damn hard.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was enjoying lunch yesterday with Sondra, when my phone rings and to my surprise it was Jerry. I get calls from him often during the day, but for some reason, this ring kinda shocked me. On the other end, I hear my loving husband telling me he has good news, but kinda bad news... From the tone of his voice, I knew what it was. "When are they sending you?" was my reply.
Jerry works for the family company Norogachi Construction. It's a good company, and its growing like crazy. Although the economy sucks here in California, you'd be surprised at the growth and work there is in Seattle Washington. The company has based on office up there, and they currently have 5 jobs going. All at different stages, its looking as thou Jerry will be a Washington resident for about 6 months.
We're not new to this. 2007 he was working out of town every week. He would leave Sunday afternoon, work thru til Thursday, and come home on the weekends. It was hard, and we had some difficult times, but there was always the weekends to look forward to. This time, not so much. Being 15 hours away, and 2 states inbetween, it won't be as easy to come home on the weekends. We have our videophone, and I'll be sending him with another one, so maybe that'll be the change that we need this time. The boys will probably take it harder than me. I can read emails, and hear his voice on the other end of the line.... But Jacob and JT have an unique bond with their daddy. We'll be planning road trips and talking a lot on the phone... but it'll be hard. We're strong, and very much in love. But this is going to be a long 6 months.....