Saturday, November 28, 2009

Joel Ramon

November 24, 2009 Our 3rd son arrived in our lives. Joel Ramon was born at 11:50am 9lbs, 13oz, 20 inches long. After 6 short hours of labor, Jerry and I were happy to tears that we did it yet again... The joys of another child are indescribable. Although he was born a healthy size, they wanted to monitor his blood sugar levels and his jaundice level. At which we conquered the blood sugar in less than 12 hrs, his jaundice levels did go on the rise. After spending Thanksgiving in the hospital without Jerry, Jacob, and JT, we were finally able to come home friday afternoon when his jaundice level came down to a safer number. Being in the hospital with your sick child, and theres nothing you can do to fix it, makes battling post-pardum depression an even harder battle. BUT, we made it thru, we are all healthy, happy, and settling into a schedule that all 5 of us can adapt to. Jacob and JT just can't get enough of their new lil brother, and Joel is starting to recongnize their voices and turn his head in their directions. He looks at everything with such interest, and at 5 days old he amazes me everyday :) So trying to keep up with everyone back home in California, we are hoping to enjoy a break to California come next spring. Settling into our new ranch (pics coming soon) makes it hard to get away for the holidays, but definitely looking forward to a road trip next year. Hope everyone is happy, safe, and healthy. we miss our family and friends dearly, can't wait to introduce everyone to our newest ray of sunshine.

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Matt, Ashley and Lennon Leddy said...

i wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks! make sure to add me to your schedule when you guys come to cali! congrats on ur newest addition! hugs from cali!!