Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're still alive!!!

WOW!! Oklahoma... kinda different... and yet still so many more surprises in store for us to experience. We have ventured around a bit, but not quite as far as oklahoma city, yet that is... it is in the near future. But we are doing well. This pregnancy is kickin my ass this time around, maybe my body is reminding me i'm not as young as I once was. Just hoping it doesn't drag on forever. LOL!! I don't have any pics up yet (sorry Ash) But i have taken A LOT!! We've had two brandings already, each exceeding the amount of 200head, and I have a bunch or before, during, and after on the finishing of our house. I have tons of pics of the beautiful ranch, and a few goofy ones of the boys of course. (can't leave those out) So very soon, I'll get back into the routine of updating all my stuff weekly, with pics and fun facts that happen. Fighting with AT&T is never fun especially when they're holding out on our internet.... grrrr!! I miss everyone terribly, and hope everyone doing well.
** Jessica

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