Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost 3 weeks old!!

We've made it passed the two week mark, and he's finally been cleared of all the jaundice craziness. I wonder if they will even figure out a way to predict, or even prevent that horrible illness in newborns. Anywho, we are at 10 solid pounds now, and he fills every ounce of it :) Eats every 2-3 hours, on the dot... and loves to cuddle now. He will actually scream til he gets held. Oh, and don't bring up diaper changes... i've never met a kid who doesn't like to be naked. Joel does now like to have his clothes off, nor have his diaper changed. LOL He is starting to recognize daddys voice when he's in the room, will actually turn his head in Jerrys direction to look for him. Makes this cute one eyebrow raise to me when i talk to him, and maybe almost cracks a lil smile. (it may be another week or two before we get a full smile.) Loves to stare at brothers when they coo and aww over him. Hard not to keep those two right out of Joels face, but they love to shower him with kisses.

Getting ready for our first Christmas here in Oklahoma. Gonna be a lonely one, but the sacrifices we must make to get ahead unfortunately don't take a backseat at the holidays. Spring time will be here soon enough, and it will become easier to travel and visit everyone again. LoVe to All our family and friends back home. May you have a splendid Holiday, and fabulous New Year!!

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