Thursday, July 19, 2012

I guess an update is in order!

It has been too long since I have even looked at this site!! We have gone thru some major changes. Lets break it down so you can follow a little easier.  Its now July of 2012, still in Oklahoma, and doing good.  Boys are about to start their second year at Vanoss, which they love! Jacob will begin 3rd grade, and JT is going into 1st grade.  Joel is going to stay home with me this year while we work on  projects at home like painting and deorating.  He is mommys big helper. 
As the boys continue to eat me out of the groceries in the kitchen and out run me in the clothes that remain clean and in tact, Jerry and I are also doing well.  He is working hard as always, and tends to be traveling a lot more with his job.  Commercial painting is in more high demand than you would expect, and he seems to like what he does.  He wants to eventually move back to California and work with the family, but until that becomes more of a reality, we will remain here in out little paradise of Oklahoma. 
I went back to work last year in October, looking to do something more with my time, and Joel enjoyed daycare and the activities it provided.  I joined the customer care world in the T-Mobile call center, and really enjoyed my job.  I met so many people from some many different walks of life, surprisingly quite a few from my hometown in Elk Grove, and loved helping solve different issues.  I truely thought it was a calling of some kind that I was suppose to do this, and had huge opportunities to promote and continue to grow in my career.  Unfortunately with Jerry traveling so much, boys being out of school, and not being able to trust people as much as you would like with your children, I had to let that position go and come home with my babies.  It was hard at first, but for the best.  We fill our time on these summer days with fun activites at the pool and playing outside.  I almost forgot how much I loved being a stay at home mom. 
Now a quick update on the boys, and I will post more pics: Joel Ramon is now 2, soon to be 3 in November, and every bit of personality.  This kid will love on you and talk your ear off, but will not take any crap from his older brothers.  He is right in sync with them on every move, and is growing faster than I'd like to admitt.
JT is now 5, actually turning 6 next month.  Short tempered, but the funniest kid you'll meet.  He always has a joke to tell or a funny way of making you laugh.  Full of so much energy, I swear he literally doesnt stop moving til he's completely pasted out at night.  Incredibly smart, can read at a 2nd grade level and loves doing math, (just like his mama!). 

And last but not least, my oldest Jacob Jerome, 8 yrs old, soon to be 21.  This boy is so mature for his age most of the time, people who first meet him and have conversations with him tell me he is a joy to talk with and is very smart about what he knows. Example: at a rodeo a few weekends back, talked the ear of this older lady who had never been to a live rodeo.  he told her about every event, details on the reason of competition, rules of the ride, how to win it, and what he thinks about the rider and such.  She claims it made her first experience far more enjoyable.  I was so happy to hear.  This kid never false when it comes to impressing me.  He improved his reading scores over a one week reading camping by more than doubling his reading level.  He is extremely determined, brave, and the man of the house when daddy is gone.

There have been so many adventures, stories, and events in the last 2 years that I could post on, but why waste it on the past.  Im gonna continue to update the blog to keep you all up to speed from here on out.  AND of course post cute pics any chance I get when theres a great story behind it.
Til later on.......

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